MASSA Code of Conduct

MASSA Code of Conduct

In order to maintain the highest standards of the Corinthian spirit and safe and fair sailing, the following rules, guidelines and principles are necessary and will be emphasized at MASSA sanctioned regattas.  These will apply to all sailors, coaches, parents and spectators participating and attending our events.  Failure to follow these may result in immediate action from the team coaches, advisors, program directors, regatta organizers and/or MASSA directors.  Actions may include but not be limited to disqualification of sailor or school, reporting actions to represented school, and/or legal proceedings if necessary.  These specifications are in addition to the ISSA Procedural Rules as published by ISSA.


A US Coast Guard approved Type III PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE (PFD) must be worn and properly secured at all times when in boats and at other times as directed. CE Approved buoyancy aids are not acceptable.

Students should wear clothing appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions.  Suitable footwear should be worn at all times while sailing.


Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times, on and off the water.  Show respect and gratitude to your Host, RC, Judges, Volunteers, and fellow competitors.  Foul language, disruptive behavior, or disrespectful comments or gestures will not be tolerated.

Unauthorized swimming is not permitted.

Piers, ramps and other equipment are to be used only for their intended purpose.

Sailors will return boats and equipment to proper storage area as soon as possible upon completion of the day’s activities.  All personal gear and items will be properly secured and the docks and ramps will be kept clean, neat and free of obstructions.

Sailors will not tamper with, use or borrow equipment and or other items that do not belong to him or her, without prior permission.  Unauthorized use of another’s property constitutes theft.

All participants are to follow the rules of the host club – we are guests and we would like to be invited back.  These sites are critical for the future of High School sailing.

All participants are expected to abide by all Federal, State and Local Laws and ISSA PR 5.1 regarding marijuana, controlled substances and alcohol.


By participating in MASSA (Middle Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association), I/we agree to obey all rules set forth by MASSA, to use utmost care in the use of the boats and equipment, and to conduct myself in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner.  I understand that failure to abide by any or all of the rules outlined in this Code of Conduct may result in my suspension or expulsion from the event, league and/or District.

A team representative (coach or parent) signature will be required at MASSA District events to acknowledge and confirm the team’s understanding of this MASSA Code of Conduct.