Start a Team

How to start a sail team at your school:


  1. Find at least 1 student who wish to sail.
  2. Go to the ISSA Team Registration tab on this web site, fill in the requested information,  register your team and pay your dues.

Congratulations - You are now a Single-Handed Sail Team.  You may participate in singled handed regattas and if you do well enough, you can advance to Nationals.


  1. Find at least 4 students at your school who wish to fleet race (2 skippers and 2 crews for fleet racing);  add 2 more for a total of 6 for team racing (3 skippers and 3 crews for team racing).
  2. Form a school club, form a parent sponsored club or ask your AD to recognize the sport as a varsity sport.
  3. Go to the ISSA Team Registration tab on this web site, fill in the requested information and pay your dues (ISSA, MASSA and League). (If you have already formed a team for singlehanded sailing, just add the additional sailors and pay any league dues).

Congratulations, you now have a Double-Handed Sail Team.  Boat ownership is not required.  You are entitled participate in your league's Fleet and Team Race regattas and may advance to District and National Championships.  The leagues host both fleet and team race regattas throughout both the fall and spring.  The district holds fall and spring championships for the top teams from each league and ISSA holds an Atlantic Coast Championship for the top teams in the fall and a national team race and fleet race championship in the spring.

Go to the league web page and find the tab for Build a Sail Team for details on how to build and develop your team.  You will find information on practice opportunities, how to find a coach, ideas on how to purchase boats for practice.  In many areas there are established clubs and sailing centers that provide practice and coaching.  Where sailing is less established, more creativity is required.


  1. Does our school's insurance policy cover sailing?
    Both public and private schools have found that their existing policy covers a sail steam and a sail club.  In the rare instance where the sport is not covered by an existing policy, coverage is available with little added expense from almost all companies that provide the policies.
  2. Do we need to buy boats to race?
    Not to race in fleet race and team race events.   The Leagues and the district schedule regattas at venues that supply the boats.
  3. Do we need boats to practice?
    It depends.  The league tab on building a team will have information on established practice facilities in your area such as clubs and sailing centers.  Many schools have purchased boats and have established practice and regatta venues.  Some college sailing teams are willing to share boats for high school practices.
  4. Do we need a coach?
    It certainly helps, but a coach is not required.  An adult team representative is all that is required.  The adult does not need to be a school employee.  It can be a parent or any responsible adult selected by the school team or club.
  5. What equipment do we need?
    Each sailor must have a coast guard approved class life jacket (or personal floatation device).  Pinnies are required for district regattas.  Wet or dry suits are required during periods of cold water and cold weather.